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Unique Detached Sunrooms for Privacy and Relaxation Under the Tampa, Florida Skies

Adding a sunroom to your home ushers many new experiences into your life. Whether your sunroom will provide you with opportunities throughout the year to entertain, offer year-round swimming in your glass-enclosed pool, or give you a private area of the house in which to relax and enjoy the views of the gorgeous Florida skies, you will value the extra space and beauty it brings to your home and life. While Tropicana Screens & Glass, Inc. builds and installs attached sunrooms on a daily basis, we also specialize in detached sunrooms, which offer the benefits of:

  • True privacy. Away from your home, you can enjoy real peace and quiet in the outdoors. Depending on the size of your yard and zoning laws, we can build detached sunrooms for you anywhere on your property.

  • Aesthetic freedom. Because it is not attached to your home, the style of your detached sunrooms won’t depend on the style and architectural elements of your home. With attached sunrooms there is a focus on architectural continuity with elements, colors, and patterns; however, detached sunrooms provide enough distance from your home so you can have fun with fresh, innovative design.

  • Increased home value. Detached sunrooms are a unique addition that home buyers will appreciate, just as you do, for their opportunities for privacy, seclusion, and their design elements.

Detached sunrooms are also extremely practical, since they increase the usable space of your property. Plus, you get to decide what goes into it, whether it is a hot tub or sauna, a pool, exercise equipment, an area for entertaining guests, or an art studio.

If you are looking to bring privacy and beauty to your property, then detached sunrooms may be the perfect solution for your home. Contact us today to discuss your needs. We have the right style and budget for every home and customer, whether you are in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, or St. Petersburg, Florida.



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Contact Tropicana today to discuss the many aspects that go into the design and construction of home sunrooms, from style and price to location and more.