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You’ll Be Glad that You Chose to Purchase Your Pool Enclosure from Tropicana Screen & Glass, Inc.

Pool Enclosure Largo Are you constantly spending your precious downtime scooping leaves and other debris out of your pool? Is your pool system clogging up because you simply can’t keep up with the maintenance? Do you wish there was a way to prolong the life of the chemicals in your pool so you don’t have to spend so much money on constant shock treatments? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to hire Tropicana Screen & Glass, Inc., to build a pool enclosure at your Largo home.

Benefits of a Tropicana Pool Enclosure

Making an investment in a pool enclosure is well worth it when you consider all of the benefits. First off, you won’t have to spend nearly as much time cleaning your pool, and you certainly won’t have to worry about debris clogging up your filter system. What’s more, your pool won’t look like a dirty eyesore that detracts from the beauty of your outdoor area. Moreover, the screen on the pool enclosure actually does block out some of the UV rays from the sun, which in turn can make your pool chemicals last longer.

Why Choose Tropicana?

If you want the building of your pool enclosure to be a pleasant experience, Tropicana is the company for you. We add a personal touch to our service, the kind that only a family-run company can provide. You will feel like the valued customer that you are as we assess all your needs and create the perfect pool enclosure for your home.

To get started with the design and installation of your new pool enclosure, contact Tropicana today. We proudly serve residents throughout Largo and nearby communities.



Tropicana Screen & Glass Inc. was founded in 1972 by the McAlpin family and now operated by 3 generations of the McAlpin’s. Tropicana was and is continuing to be successful due to our loyal customers that believe in our integrity and our duty to help them receive a product that they know will be done correctly and to their needs. It is never about Tropicana it has always been about the customers. The reward for us at Tropicana is having a successful business to continue to help others.

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