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Why Quick Screen Repair Is Essential for Your Tampa Bay Pool Enclosures or Patios

If you’re looking for screen repair for your sunroom, conservatory, solarium, or pool enclosure, then look no further than Tropicana Screen & Glass, Inc. Quick screen repair service is key, since waiting an extra day or two can bring dire consequences: further stress from weather, insects, and animals can turn a small hole that only requires a patch of fresh screening into a need for full screen replacement. This is more costly and time-consuming than the simple procedure of patching a minor tear or hole; plus, the interior of your sunroom will suffer more damage due to wind, rain, or humidity. Whether some Tampa, Florida critters have set up home in your sunroom, insects have moved in, or mold and mildew becomes a serious problem because of excess moisture, the necessary clean-up will be significantly more expensive than if you had contacted Tropicana immediately for simple, fast screen repair.

Whether you need basic screen repair to replace small or medium-sized rips and holes in your screens, screen cleaning, screen painting, or full screen replacement, Tropicana is here for you. We work with all major materials and manufacturers. In business since 1972, we know how to do our job quickly and effectively, and we are dedicated to outstanding customer service and affordable pricing.  We are focused on value and our prices are some of the most competitive in Tampa Bay and surrounding cities and towns such as Largo and Brandon. The savings you reap from us will be twofold, since our prices are fair and we provide quick screen repair services for you to prevent costly replacements and future clean-ups.

Contact Tropicana today at (813) 855-6570 or email us if you’re looking for immediate screen repair services that will restore beauty to your enclosures and save you time and money. Located in Tampa, Florida, we proudly serve St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and far beyond.



Tropicana Screen & Glass Inc. was founded in 1972 by the McAlpin family and now operated by 3 generations of the McAlpin’s. Tropicana was and is continuing to be successful due to our loyal customers that believe in our integrity and our duty to help them receive a product that they know will be done correctly and to their needs. It is never about Tropicana it has always been about the customers. The reward for us at Tropicana is having a successful business to continue to help others.

Contact Tropicana today to discuss the many aspects that go into the design and construction of home sunrooms, from style and price to location and more.