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Solariums for Entertaining, Relaxing, Dining & More in Tampa Bay, FL

Solariums can bring your home from quaint to elegant right away. This addition is similar to a conservatory and is typically appended to the back of a home, is a beautiful, creative way to fill your home with sunshine and add valuable square footage to your structure. In Florida, solariums are not just popular choices, they are reasonable choices, too. We live in a sun-drenched state, and Tropicana Screens and Glass, Inc. honors that by adding glass-enclosed solariums to your home. Our solariums will be whatever you want them to be, from a weekend breakfast nook, a climate-controlled entertainment parlor, a personal greenhouse replete with exotic plants and flowers, or a quiet space for bird-watching and reading.

Solariums can also be used as pool enclosures, drawing sunshine and heat through their glass walls into the water of your pool, making a dip in the pool an alluring idea as late as November and as early as March. And in a state like Florida, solariums have even greater appeal because of the value they will add to your home. A solarium sunroom will always be valued by the sun-seekers who flock to Florida each year.

Solariums are also cost-effective because:

  • They sponge up the sun’s heat, making your solarium sunroom the perfect temperature for the cooler winter months when the sun is still shining brilliantly.
  • They naturally heat your pool.
  • They naturally nourish your plants with light.
  • Solariums boost the real estate value of your home in uncertain financial times.
  • The high quality of design, manufacture, and construction of our solariums will mean little to no upkeep is required, saving you time and money, and giving you hours of carefree pleasure in the bright Florida sun

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