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Your pool should be a source of amusement and tranquility. However, if you’re constantly battling to keep it clean from leaves and debris blowing in or swatting away mosquitoes while swimming, it’s far from relaxing. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that can help you regain your pool enjoyment — installing a pool enclosure! A pool enclosure is crafted from a mesh screen and helps to prevent leaves and debris from flying into your pool while keeping insects at bay. At Tropicana Screen & Glass, we’ve been assisting homeowners in the Pinellas Park area since 1972 and would be delighted to aid you and your family with your pool enclosure.

Why Choose Tropicana for Your Pool Enclosure?

Choose Tropicana for your new pool enclosure with confidence in our premium materials and installation. Our durable extruded aluminum enclosures can withstand intense heat, moisture, and UV rays, without warping, cracking, peeling, or rusting. Plus, our highly trained installers undergo our proprietary training program, ensuring they have the skills necessary to build long-lasting pool enclosures.

Your new pool enclosure will:

  • Keep debris out and minimize chemical evaporation to reduce pool maintenance
  • Create a comfortable outdoor living space free of mosquitos and other biting insects
  • Provide additional shade for you and your family

In the initial consultation, we’ll evaluate your needs, measure your home, and collaborate with you to design an enclosure you’ll adore. We’ll also furnish you with an accurate and comprehensive quote.

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