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Is the Cost of a New Sunroom Worth It for Tampa Homeowners?

Sunroom Cost Tampa

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re constantly on the prowl for new ways to improve your home. Your house to-do list is likely miles long, so what’s the best way to decide what to prioritize and what can wait? Our rule of thumb at Tropicana Screen & Glass, Inc.: prioritize home investments that will improve your quality of life first. For example, the cost of adding a sunroom may outweigh the cost of buying a new front door, but a sunroom can enhance your quality of life in tons of ways.

Adding a sunroom can:

  • Provide extra living space – Installing a sunroom is a great way to add usable and unique square footage to your home.
  • Enable you to soak up the sun year-round – Porches require constant cleaning thanks to dirt and pollen, but sunrooms allow you to get your vitamin D fix all year long in a fresh, clean space (and without having to swat at mosquitos!).
  • Potentially increase your home’s resale value – Sunrooms are a unique space in that they blend the indoors with the outdoors. Florida home buyers love that, since many new residents move here for our amazing climate!

It’s clear that sunrooms offer benefits of an outdoor living space, like a beautiful view and plenty of sunshine, without all the discomforts.

Why Tropicana Screen & Glass, Inc?

At Tropicana, we believe in the value that enhancing your outdoor space can bring to your life. Whether you want to entertain more or relax more peacefully, we’re happy to offer products and services that allow you to take full advantage of the sunny climate. That’s why we only offer some of the best sunrooms in the business and ensure:

  • Complete customization – We’ll customize your new sunroom to your home for a truly unique-to-you space that looks like it was always a part of your house.
  • Glass, acrylic, and soft vinyl construction – Each have their benefits, and we’re happy to discuss them at length with you to find the one that suits your needs.
  • Expert installation – We bring decades of experience to the table. Trust that the job will be done correctly, from start to finish.

Are you ready to invest in a sunroom for your Tampa home? We believe the value of a sunroom outweighs the cost—give us a call at Tropicana Screen & Glass, Inc. to talk more about how a sunroom can enhance your lifestyle!



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