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Patio Enclosures in Tampa, St. Pete, Largo, & Beyond to Protect and Transform Your Outdoor Patio

Patio EnclosuresA patio is a wonderful addition to your Florida home. It can be a quiet space for fresh air and reading, a gathering place for summer barbeques, and a family area for cozy weekend breakfasts. With all of its many uses, why not make sure your patio is protected with Tropicana’s beautiful patio enclosures?

It doesn’t take years of living in the Tampa, Florida area to realize that the weather here can be erratic, from the shining sun of the morning to the flash rainstorms of the afternoon. On top of that, hurricane season looms over us each year for six entire months. Our own safety and that of our families and property is foremost in our thoughts during these times, and durable, sturdy patio enclosures are a definite way to protect your family and your belongings should a hurricane suddenly blow in.

Patio enclosures can be the one strong layer protecting the patio area you’ve designed, saving you thousands of dollars in replacement and repairs. Tropicana Screens and Glass, Inc. has been in business for nearly forty years, and we’ve seen firsthand the damage Florida weather can do to homes and exterior spaces. Often, existing patio enclosures are simply blown away. We make our patio enclosures stronger. We use the finest materials and the finest craftsmen to design, manufacture, and install the patio enclosures you need to keep yourself and your home safe. We often say that it’s not necessarily the materials that make patio enclosures sturdy, it’s the quality of the work—and here at Tropicana our work is always of the highest quality.

Beyond safety, the benefits that our patio enclosures provide are often priceless to the homeowner who craves peace and quiet. Let our patio enclosures envelop you, as they envelop your patio, in beauty and solitude.

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