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Professional Installers of Top-Quality Solariums in Palm Harbor, FL

Solarium lloks fabulous with sunlight glasses and swimming poolLiving in Palm Harbor, FL, you must love the sunshine. Invite that light into your home with a solarium that is bathed in sunlight. It’s the perfect place to add some plants, create a reading nook, or simply relax. At Tropicana Screen & Glass, Inc., we can add a high-quality solarium to your home so you can make the most of the Florida sunshine.

Our Solarium Options

A solarium is an add-on room featuring top-to-bottom windows. Even the ceiling is transparent! It’s a great addition to any home. Choosing Tropicana Screen & Glass, Inc. over other solarium contractors comes with the benefit of being able to fully customize your new home addition. Instead of offering overpriced, prefabricated sunrooms, we let you choose from a variety of options to create a solarium that is truly one of a kind.

Window Types

Choose the window type that works best for you. We offer:

  • Vinyl – An affordable and virtually indestructible choice.
  • Acrylic – Also affordable with the added bonus of preventing you from having to pay property taxes on the room.
  • Glass – The most energy-efficient choice and one that creates a truly livable space.


Choose from hardwood, carpet, laminate, and more to create a living space that will perfectly match the existing aesthetics of your home.


Choose how big your new solarium is—from a small room to the entire length of your home.

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