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How Much Does a Screened in Porch Cost in Tampa, FL?

Screened in porch with wicker couch and chairs As a homeowner in Tampa, Florida, you might be interested to learn how much a screened in porch will cost. The short answer is that the cost will depend on your unique needs and preferences. After all, every home is different, and we offer total customization at Tropicana Screen & Glass.

During a free consultation at your home, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote. But what factors will affect the cost of your screened in porch?

Important Factors for Screened in Porch Cost

Several different factors will impact how much your screened in porch addition will cost. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Building Materials

The quality of materials used in building a screened in porch affects the overall price. Although the best materials may increase initial costs, they’ll allow your new porch to last longer with minimal maintenance. Ultimately, opting for durable materials will save you time and money in the long run. That’s why, at Tropicana, we construct our screened in porches using tough extruded aluminum.

Extruded aluminum can stand up against long-term exposure to the elements, which makes it perfect for screened in porch projects. Because of its composition, it never rusts and has a naturally protected surface.

2. Installation

Another factor impacting screened in porch cost is the installation quality. Some home renovation contractors hire subcontractors to complete their project installations. While this might slightly reduce costs, it often leads to subpar craftsmanship.

To ensure every installation meets our high standards, only our trusted employees perform our installations.

3. Upkeep

As with any home renovation project, lifetime upkeep is an essential element to think about when considering screened in porch costs. Since we use only the strongest materials and ensure top-notch installation, we minimize your long-term maintenance costs. For peace of mind, we also offer a lifetime warranty.

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We offer competitive rates for our screened in porch projects. The average cost of a screened in porch in Tampa, FL, depends on its materials, installation, and long-term upkeep. To learn how much your screen room will cost, contact Tropicana Screen & Glass, Inc., today.




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